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The Official Site For Artwork By Ju1ceM4n

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She Looked Away

Online Store Is NOW OPEN

Click the link to visit the online store to purchase Ju1ceM4n artwork.

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Commissions Are Open!

Click the link to commission your own custom artwork by Ju1ceM4n!

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About the Artist

     Ju1ceM4n considers himself a painter first and foremost. A well-rounded artist and admirer of all forms of painting, he does not limit himself in terms of both subject matter and medium.

     Ju1ceman paints physically with oil, acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paints as well as digitally using procreate. Subjects range from the traditional, such as landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits, to extremely abstract images (Father-Son Fishing Expedition), and deep, conceptual thought-provoking scenes (Covid Bods).

     The artworks exist both in physical forms as well as 100% digital in the form of NFT's. Any commissioned work is available as a physical piece, a digital NFT, or both.

     Ju1ceM4n is a verified artist on Rarible and has sold works on Foundation and Opensea. His work has been selected for multiple curated exhibitions and has sold original artworks to people all over the world.

The Haircut - Self-Portrait 11-17-21_edited.jpg
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Physical Paintings

Oil, Pastels, Acrylic, Gouache, and Watercolor

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Digital Paintings

Paintings created on an iPad using software (usually ProCreate)

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Drawings and Sketches

Handmade drawings on paper using either pencils or charcoal

Home: Portfolio
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